Espirational Happenings (TEST April/2018)

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Who or What’s Espirational?

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Put it on your calendar. We’re having a month long celebration in June to celebrate months of preparation and building our new Website called All Things Espirational. In it we will have a new art gallery featuring Genie’s hand crafted fabric art which has been seen and sold in several venues across the country. A bookshelf with Bob and Genie’s books are available for you to read and/or purchase. A new blog-E-zine which you can have delivered to your email box FREE simply by following this site on the Word Press blog system. A toolbox filled with wonderful, positive and uplifting sites to help you in your spiritual journey. And much more!

There will be prizes and give-aways, special reduced prices in the Gallery, and others events not yet listed here. Come celebrate with us. It’s bound to be ESPIRATIONAL!


Special Offers

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Best on the Web Espirational Articles

June, 2018

Every month we will be presenting to you the best three inspirational items we have seen go across our desks via the internet in hopes they will inspire you also. These are articles, interviews, poetry, pictures and other items from Websites around the world. Simply read these introductions and if you really want to be inspired click on the “More” button to see the whole article. These are great! They’re Espirational!


“Frank Sabatté is a Catholic priest, artist and member of the Paulist Fathers religious order.

“He currently serves as the Director of the Openings Collective in New York City and is Senior Curator of the Gallery at the Sheen Centre for Thought and Culture. Frank graduated from the College of Fine Arts at UCLA. He is Artist-in-Residence for the Paulist Fathers in New York and has been an illustrator for the Paulist Press since 1977. In this interview, Frank talks about what inspires him and we learn how discovering the random-stitch method of embroidery has enabled him to create his hypnotic portraits. . . .”  (MORE)
(Congratulations to TextileArtist.org for receiving an Espirational Best Article Award for June, 2018. You may read the full interview by clicking on the “MORE” button.)


These articles are considered “Best Reads” which the publishers of Espirational Happenings has found during the previous months before appearance here. Only the first few sentences appear here to give introduction to the article. This is a service to our readers only, to make it easier and quicker for them to find excellent, positive and uplifting articles on the Web. No funds for profit are transmitted. The judgment of “best” is rendered by the management of E.T.M. Publishing only. Readers are referred to original sources to read main articles. Article publishers should consider articles published here as complimentary and possible sources of new readers if the article is exemplary of their normal publication practices. If article publishers wants to contact us, please do so through the Contact Us button in our About Us folder. If you have an article you would like to submit as a possible “best,” please submit the URL with brief synopsis through our Contact Us button using the guidelines found in the March 22, 2018 blog post (guidelines). Please do NOT submit articles for possible inclusion into Expirational Happenings “Best” list over the blog, use the Contact Us button.