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Espirational Happenings @ Espirational Faith — September 18, 2018

Music in Our Souls*


Music is a wonderfully expressive means of universal power which can and does help a person experience within themselves emotions which would otherwise be hidden to us. Be that emotion one of love, peace, hope or any of a multitude of uplifting spirits, or more negative oriented spirits like fear, anger and bitterness, the emotional statement is more easily expressed when it is put to music.

According to the Christian/Hebraic Bible sound, which is of course the most essential element of music, was the very first indication of how this whole “Universe” thing began. In Moses’ book of Genesis he said that God was a Spirit, but he did not explain or define what was meant by the word “spirit.” Immediately after that he said that the Spirit, God, spoke. Well, by simple logic we know that speaking means sound and with this sound the rest of creation was spoken into existence.

Sound is at the heart of our very existence. We, as humans, seek it out. We are curious about it. Enjoy it. Study it. Many of us even spend hours doing nothing else than listening to it.

The intricate and beautiful compositions of instrumental and vocal musicians by those who study and perform the musical arrangements of today become things which enter our ears, vibrates our bodies and resonates in our souls throughout our lives, and beyond. This vibration of sound is an essential element in our minds and becomes a basis of our thoughts. Music, even without words, can give us stability, harmony, motivation and consistency. It can be, and in most instances is, the most basic life element to help us mold our souls into the type of being we want to be.

Recently there has been much research into how by listening to music, people with Alzheimer’s Disease can be helped to reduce their symptoms and reduce their prescribed medications, as reported by Alzheimers.net (cited: 8/24/2018). Music is also used to quiet the untamed beast within people in cases of anxiety, depression, anger and rage. It has been known by the people of eastern religions to be a source of peace and direction in life. And the Christian believers; Catholics, Protestants and New Thought believers alike, enjoy music of many types to express their faith in the Creator and the spirit within us.

Music, even without the vocalists, can send messages to others who can hear it even if the people listening to it or performing it do not speak the same language. The sound of a military band playing an austere march of patriotism as unto battle gives a totally different emotional message to those hearing it than does the sound heard from an orchestra playing Brahms’s lullaby.

We are made up of sound patterns which are ingrained from before birth which helps set a pattern for our lives. I recently experienced a wonderful, yet somewhat frustrating, incident in my life of having a major hearing problem. A medical doctor was able to fix the problem with my right ear somewhat simply, but the period of time I was almost deaf gave me the opportunity to realize just how basic sound is in my who spiritual makeup.

You see, during the whole time that I experienced not being able to hear people speak in a normal way, could not hear the radio, television or people on the phone, could not hear a dog bark nor birds sing, there was one thing I was hearing — though not with my ears. I had experienced this type of phenomena before, periodically ever since being a child. Most people have. But we learn to sublimate it; to ignore it. This phenomena of which I speak is that while I could not hear anything with my ears, I could hear music in my head. Constantly. Somewhat like on a radio with one musical piece being played after another. Usually these pieces were instrumental only, but if there were vocalists they were very seldom singing in English. The music seemed to be largely from my past. Things like many Christmas pieces, religious music I’ve heard all my life and major musical show tunes and some patriotic music. But there were some pieces which were unfamiliar to me, sung by voices which I could explain only as angelic. This music was beautiful, constant, and strangely comforting.

Now that I can hear more normally with my physical ears once again, the internal music which I experience is no longer as “distracting” as it was when it was the center of my “audio” life. But it’s still there. It lets me know, whenever I need to know, that I was created in a wonderful way and that God’s guidance and help never is but a song away.

What has been your experience with sound? Do you enjoy music, or is it an annoyance to you? I’d enjoy seeing your comments below. Please share your thoughts.


Namaste’, Bob

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Espirational Happenings @ This IS Espirational.com — September 4, 2018

The Music of Life!


This month instead of one long E-zine post we are going to break it up a bit and post weekly to make it easier to keep up with the Espirational Happenings all around us with the busy schedules we all lead.  Same type of Espirational content, just a different format. When you go to Espirational.net you will now see the ezine/blog post on our Web-site’s front page.  We really want your comments and discussions about our articles. lease go to the bottom of the page to have access to our comment area. Don’t forget to subscribe to Espirational Happenings so you don’t miss the content we have created and hand picked for you. Please let us know what you think of the new format.

This month at Espirational.com we are exploring music.  This will be a fun month with daily quotes, blog posts, videos and and a special feature.  You won’t want to miss my interview with singer/songwriter Bill Tonnis coming up on September 12.  It will be reblogged on Espiratonal.com and Espirational Faith, but the entire interview will only be found here at All Things Espiraitonal http:://www.espirational.net.

Whether or not you think you are a musician or even a music lover, we all go through life surrounded by music.  It is all around us!

Advertisers know music is a way to get their messages directly into the thoughts and minds of consumers.  Remember the famous “jingles” from the commercials of the 60’s and 70’s? Does “you deserve a break today” still pop up in your mind for no reason?  Do you still want to sing the “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” version of “I’d like to teach the world to sing?”

Music is also used in religious services to inspire, teach and guide us to oneness with the divine.  Hymns and choruses often come to my mind and surprisingly, they are usually exactly what I need at the moment to lift my spirit or balance my life in some way.

Politicians even use music to try to stir people up and encourage us to vote or take other action.  Candidates now sometimes use a “theme song” that is played at their campaign rallies and other events.  Songs like “The Star Spangled Banner” or “God Bless America” have been used to unite or even divide us as Americans.

So this month is all about music.  I hope you will follow us at Espirational.com as we explore this topic more..


The Espirational Question for August:  Is there a particular song that has special meaning for you?  The monthly question is given as something for you to ponder and use in a way that works for you.  I would love to get a discussion going if anyone would like to share in the comments.

Namaste’, –Genie



(NOTICE: All materials in this e-zine and on the associated Websites and blogs are copyrighted under international agreement. All rights reserved.)


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Espirational Happenings — August, 2018

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Espirational Happenings — July, 2018 — The Freedom to Create!

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Espirational Happenings — June, 2018 — Let’s Celebrate Creativity!

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Espirational Happenings for May, 2018

Welcome to the first official issue of Espirational Happenings blog-E-zine! Each month we post news about the inspirational things going on in our Espirational Family. We also include links to articles or websites we feel are the best in covering our monthly theme or creative Espirational lifestyle in general. This is new and is our monthly “newsletter,” only we do not send it out to you. It will appear here each month. If you want to receive it in your e-mail box, please follow espirational.net (see right-hand column of any of our pages for our follow button).


So What’s Happening?

Espirational.com  —  We are celebrating Older Americans Month at Espirational.com .  Our daily quotes this month are by people over the age of 60 with an emphasis on centenarians. Yes, those who have celebrated one hundred or more birthdays! Of course there will also be videos. Please join us as we take a different look at aging.


“Old age is not a disease – it is strength and survivorship, triumph over all kinds of vicissitudes and disappointments, trials and illnesses. “

— Maggie Kuhn –American activist known for founding the Gray Panthers movement after forced retirement.



Espirational Faith 

–What’s your thoughts when someone tells you you’re getting older? A teenager might think, “Thank goodness. It’s about time. Now I’ll soon be able to take my driving test.”For me, a person soon to be 70, many think that the time of my adventures and fun in life should be considered to be over. Not me. I’m just in “middle age” I tell people. What? Ridiculous! But wait a moment. Is it really so ridiculous? Read my blog post in Espirational Faith this month before you decide so quickly.


The Espirational Digest

Each month we will feature links to articles or websites we feel are the best in covering our monthly theme or Espirational living in general.  We welcome suggestions for these. Have you seen any particularly inspiring items in the virtual world of the Web you’d like us to consider as the “Best on the Web?” Use our “Contact Us” button in the About Us folder of this site to tell us about your finds.

Here’s our “Best on the Web” for May, 2018:


  • “The Big Lie” — Huffington Post article by Babette Hughes, 92 year old author

“I am often asked what my secret is — at the age of 92 I am writing my fourth novel and fifth book (up at 5 am). Post Hill Press will soon publish a series of three novels I wrote in my 80s…” more…


“Some people engage in creative activities as a hobby, and many do it to earn a living but forgets about the health benefits art-related activities has for anyone who”  more….


  • “What Lights YOU up?” from the RoadSIGNS Coac

“My coach Patty frequently reminded me that in life there are many choices and we get to choose what it is we want. She suggested that we chose in favor of ‘what lights us up’more…


“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” — George Burns, Comedian.   For 38 years, Bo worked in IT for IBM and the “retired” and worked for 3 years in the “best job I ever had.”  more…

Founded by Richard Rohr OFM, “the Center for Action and Contemplation seeks to empower individuals to live out their sacred soul tasks in service to the world through contemplative programs and resources.


The Espirational Calendar:

Espirational is an online ministry/community (E-spirational, get it?) so events listed here will be happening online. You may submit your free online events one month in advance (submission does not guarantee your event will be included). If you wish to advertise a paid event, please contact us for advertising rates).

  • May 5 Hay House World Summit https://www.hayhouseworldsummit.com/
    This free online event includes 100 interviews and 15 movies.  We look forward to this summit every year.


The Espirational Question for May:  

At what age to you think you will be “grown up” and why? Please ponder this question and feel free to respond in the comments below. Let’s make this the fun question that it truly is.


Coming up in June:

We are celebrating the grand opening of The Espirational Gallery and All Things Espirational. The emphasis for the month will be Creativity and there will be giveaways and prizes throughout the month at Espirational.com.


By the way, if you see something inspirational on the Web, or even elsewhere, send us a note and a link about it through our Contact page. We’re always looking for All Things Espirational.   —The Robbins.


And please keep in mind that all items we publish are copyrighted materials protected under international copyright laws, and the health advise is not meant to replace a licensed, trained medical professional.

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