Just a note here about our Positive Lifestyle Digest of the Web’s half-dozen best articles which will appear here in the “Espirational Happenings” blog-E-zine monthly for everyone to enjoy. This is a service we’ve decided to do to help busy people apply therapeutic and enjoyable time reading valuable and well written articles, poetry, stories and experiences without having to spend hours searching the Web to find them.

These are items which Bob, Genie and you have found by surfing the Web and have independently declared them as being of best value as examples of a quality positive spiritual life which is well written, respectful of everyone and everything concerned (including the Creator). You, a subscriber of “Espirational Happenings,” are encouraged to submit any excellently written blog posts, articles, or other items you find which you think fit the requirements for inclusion in this section if they fit the eight simple outlined rules below:

  • Item must have already been posted or published on the Web with clear, public access Web URL.
  • Item must be in English, well written using proper standard spelling and grammer for the part of the world it was written for.
  • Item must express, promote, and/or be an example of living a positive, godly lifestyle.
  • Item must NOT be simply a promotion attempt to sell anything.
  • Item must NOT be an apology, documentary or accusitive expose’.
  • Item must be available at the time it is submitted for possible inclusion into Espirational Happenings.
  • The submitter of the item has NOT contacted the author or publisher about republication of the item. We will do that if it is declared as one of the best articles to be used in Espirational Happenings with a “Certificate” and icon for them to use on their site. But if you know how to contact them please enter that into your submission information.

Please keep in mind that we are doing this as a service for you, our readers, only. No one is getting paid for these “best of the Web” listings. Articles displaying any forms of negativity (including hate, fear mongering, violence, pornography, etc.) will be discarded and the submitter will not be responded to.

Articles chosen as the “best” will be decided by Bob and Genie Robbins each month.

One last point: Due to the number of submissions expected, these submissions are most likely NOT going to be responded to directly because of lack of time to do so. So if you do take a moment to submit what you believe to be an excellent item for our consideration we want you to know that your submission is greatly appreciated.

Thank You very much.

Genie and Bob

Print the notice below on bottom of each page where digest listings appear in Espirational Happenings:

These articles are considered “Best Reads” which the publishers of Espirational Happenings has found during the previous month before appearance here. Only the first three to six sentences appear here to give introduction to the article. This is a service to our readers only, to make it easier and quicker for them to find excellent, positive and uplifting articles on the Web. No funds for profit are transmitted. Readers are referred to original source to read main article. Article publisher should consider article published here as complimentary and possible source of new readers if the article is exemplary of their normal publication practices. If article publisher wants to contact us, please do so through the Contact Us button in our About Us folder. If you have an article you would like to submit as a possible “best,” please submit the URL with brief synopsis through our Contact Us button using the guidelines found in the March 22, 2018 blog post (guidelines). Please do NOT submit articles for possible inclusion into Expirational Happenings “Best” list over the blog, use the Contact Us button.

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